wait, what?
"i shan't waste an ounce of boner on you."

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*smokes pocky stick* yep i remember MY first yaoi 


"Levi closed his eyes and took his last drag which was especially long this time and held in the smoke. Eren frowned in confusion, but Levi suddenly stepped closer, cupped his jaw, forcing his mouth open, and blew out the thick smoke straight into it while keeping his other hand against the wall on the right side of Eren’s head." 

French Buffet By Elimak

Nap time

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haha hahahahah ha ha h a … 

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Lazy sunday morning cuddles~

Levi with bed hair and stubble is officially my new favorite thing -heavy breathing- (✿⊙‿⊙) I got so carried away that the cuddles escalated quickly and I might have or not have two half-finished smut drawings sitting in my art folder -coughsecondpartcough-

Oh and consider this as part of my reincarnation AU!